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Garia Utility Vehicles

A utility vehicle for the future

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 Garia Utility Vehicles

E-mobility your way.

The 100% electric Garia Utility vehicle is built like a utility truck from the ground up, with no compromises on features.  It combines reliability, ergonomics and zero emission with comfort, functionality and good design.  Designed, developed and produced in Denmark and constructed for public sector, facility management, last mile and leisure use.  Made of high-quality European components never seen in this segment.  The electric Garia utility vehicle is one of a kind!


Go green – go efficient

The Electric Garia Utility vehicle has various economic advantages. The total cost per driven km is only 1/3 compared to a similar diesel driven van, and a full charge of the utility vehicle roughly costs the same as 2 litres of diesel.  This is due to electricity being cheaper per km or mile compared to fossil fuels, and because an electric driven vehicle has way fewer moving parts compared to vehicles with combustion engines.

Electric motors require very little maintenance – and they only use power when in operation, as there is no idle consumption. Another great benefit is that electric motors are ideal for stop and go operations which normally can harm a diesel engine.  In other words, you can drive for hours without having to worry about your economy or polluting the local environment.


Lots of features and benefits.

The Garia utility vehicle will work with you to get you through your workday as smoothly and efficiently as possible, combining durability and comfort.  Low vibration and superior suspension ensure a smooth ride.  Navigating busy city streets and small roads is no issue - a Garia is easy to handle and agile in areas with narrow paths and curving roads.  The best-in-class Garia electric utility vehicles outperform any diesel vehicle in terms of reliability, cost of operation, driving experience, torque and emissions.  Unlike a Garia electric-only vehicle, combustion engines are not suited or efficient for frequent engine power ups and shutdowns.  Garia have developed and perfected vehicles to last and endure in different demanding surroundings and environments, and here at Wilsons of Rathkenny we are delighted to add their range to our portfolio of utility vehicles.  


Choose the best model for your operation.

Garia electric utility vehicles can all be configured and customised with different features and specifications - tailored to suit your exact requirements.  They are ideal for the public sector, leisure and outdoors, facility management and last mile.   A number of battery options are available as well as different chassis lengths.  Other options are available such as an electric tilting cargo bed, cargo bed with a mesh cage, closed van box, reversing camera and power steering.  We can help you configure your Garia vehicle to suit your requirements - contact Geoff Wylie today who will guide and advise you through the process.  


Pure performance.
All Garia electric utility vehicles are made with performance, durability, and the smooth ride in mind. With ergonomic features throughout the spacious cabin, everything is easily within reach.  This means that, across the 3 different models, you will find technical specifications that are universal based on our tests, user input and what is optimal to perform no matter the environment or task ahead.  You will find a variety of models with driving speeds ranging in between 25–55 km/h enabling a great fit for e.g. both a closed park-setting or for transport on public road. The universal 200 mm ground clearance ensures that you stay clear of bumps, and the solid galvanized steel frame provides maximum longevity and ensure both a smooth ride and high load capacity.


Models available:

  • Park Model - this entry-level, CE-compliant vehicle is ideal for parks, resorts, industrial estates, warehouses or wherever you need to transport people and goods without driving on public roads. It is not road legal.  With a top speed of 30km/h and a bed load of up to 800kg, tt will handle virtually any task in pedestrian areas, car-free zones and campus environments.  You can configure the vehicle to meet your exact needs, including a wide range of options, accessories and batteries.  For more detailed specifications download the Park information sheet below or contact Geoff directly.   


  • City Model - small, agile and quick to accelerate, it flows seamlessly through busy, narrow streets.  With a top speed of 45km/h and a range of up to 200km, this road legal utility vehicle has a bed load up to 800kg and is ideal for for many sectors.  Standard equipment includes 3-point seatbelts, adjustable side mirrors and E-marked headlights and tail lights. You can configure the vehicle to meet your exact needs, including a wide range of options, accessories and batteries.  For more detail specifications download the City information sheet below or contact Geoff directly.   


  • Urban Model - With a top speed of 55 km/h, superior handling and quick acceleration, the Garia Utility Urban keeps up with traffic. At 1365 mm wide, it also parks easily on busy streets.  The Garia Utility Urban is EU road legal and crash tested according to European standards. Tailor it exactly as you want to meet your standards, too.  For more detailed specifications download the Urban information sheet below or contact Geoff directly.  


For more details visit the Garia site here



Who are Garia? – Danish specialist electric vehicle manufacturer – Garia design and build high specification golf vehicles, including road legal versions and multi person shuttles, (which we do not have here today unfortunately) and the most comfortable, hard-working, road going compact utility vehicles on the market

Where are these from? Designed and built in Denmark

What are these little utility vehicles for? designed primarily as a compact and versatile, road going utility vehicle, the Garia utility is neither a beefed up golf buggy or a streamlined farm vehicle. It can be built to suit your customers exact needs.

Who uses them? Example customers in the real world: We currently have a fleet of circa 1000 of our vehicles with PostNord (The Scandinavian equivalent of Royal Mail) We have also supplied to big supermarket chains – ASDA have used our vehicles at over 50 sites in throughout the UK.

What else can they be used for? We supply into four main customer groups:
  • Public Sector – municipal, hospitals & healthcare, universities, schools, parks grounds and facilities maintenance etc...
  • Facility Management – industrial sites, hotels, resorts, events etc...
  • Leisure & Outdoor – zoos, amusement parks, camping sites, golf courses, equestrian, forestry, agriculture etc...
  • Last Mile delivery – post, parcels groceries, pharmacy, takeout food and beverage etc...
Why should I buy a Garia?
  • the most comfortable cab on the market,
  • purposed designed and Scandinavian built,
  • custom configurable cargo solutions
  • all electric vehicle - zero emissions
  • proven track record in commercial applications
  • Value for money
How much will it save me? Based on £50 per week into a petrol or diesel fuel tank, you will have saved around £13,000 in fuel alone over a five year period.

Why are they more expensive than petrol or diesel vans? – Batteries. The cost of stored power solutions are typically greater up front but they cost significantly less to maintain and operate through the vehicle’s working life.


Are they all electric? – YES – 100% electric – always have been. we offer lithium or lead acid batteries in different pack sizes to suit your application

Should I have lithium or lead acid? – 80% plus opt for lithium. They cost a bit more, but they are virtually maintenance free. Lead acid you need to top up the batteries and ensure that they are charged correctly. Lithium, if you aren’t using the vehicle you can leave it on charge.

Do I need a fast charger / special socket? – NO – a standard, single phase, 3 pin domestic plug socket is all you need. The charger is built into the vehicle.

How long does it take to charge? Most batteries will fully recharge in 6-8 hours, HOWEVER you very rarely need to charge a battery from flat as you can top up charge whenever and wherever you are by plugging into a standard socket, or leaving it on charge overnight. The braking system is also regenerative meaning that when you slow down, you are charging the batteries!

Will a charge last a whole day? – typically YES – depending on what you are doing, and provided the battery pack has been sized to your application you will work a whole day comfortably without needing to stop and charge.

How far can I go? Depends on the battery pack you choose, but our smallest battery pack gives a working range of 40km, our largest up to 200km. most vehicles have a working range of 85-100km which is plenty for working in an urban or semi urban environment.

How fast do they go?
  • Urban (N1 road homologated) up to 55 kph
  • City (L7 road homologated) up to 45 kph
  • Park (non-road homologated) up to 30kph
Do you do a 4WD version? – no, not currently.

Do you have a rough terrain tyre options? – yes, we do.

Is there a heater? – All road homologated vehicles come with a heated front windscreen as standard. They can also be fitted with an optional electric heater or diesel fuelled heater for arctic / very cold climates.

Is there A/C? not at the moment, although the doors can be latched open for a controlled through flow of cool air.

What mod cons can I have? – we offer a range of comfort and convenience upgrades including an in dash refrigerator, rear view camera, Bluetooth stereo system, lighting packs, seat upgrades, leather steering wheel etc...

Are there any grants available for businesses? Not currently in the UK, but with the new N1 version which is being launched this autumn, we hope to be approved for grant subsidies in the future.

What is the commercial warranty? Three years subject to Ts & Cs.

Are they road legal? Yes – can be supplied in L7 (heavy duty quadricycle) or N1 (light commercial) specification – both of which are fully road legal for UK and EU.

Are these vehicles crash tested? – YES – the N1 approved cab and chassis which is used on all of our models has been fully crash tested.

What is the Road Fund Licence (Tax) – currently £0.

What are the CO2 emissions – 0g/km.

What is the turning radius? 3.9 metres.


Are they all the same size? We use the same platform and cab frame for all three ranges, with build specification to comply with the relevant legislation (eg L7, N1) but we offer both short (SC) and Extended (EC) Chassis options.

How much can they carry / payload? Up to 800kg.

What box sizes do you do on the back? We manufacture a range from 1.3-4.3 cubic metres but custom and bespoke options can be catered for.

Do you do a salt sprayer / animal feeder / catering option / hot box / cold box / coffee van / housekeeping / postal delivery / food delivery version? – YES – custom and bespoke builds are all possible – please talk to us!

Can I buy one without a back box and make/source one of my own? Yes – we can supply chassis only vehicles.


How much do they cost? - Depends on specification, MSRP for a short chassis, cargo version start from...
  • Urban (N1 road homologated - up to 55 kph) fitted with 200Ah / 10.2kWh Lithium Battery - €30,400 / £26,445
  • City (L7 road homologated - up to 45 kph) fitted with 120Ah / 6.1kWh Lithium Battery - €26,600 / £23,135
  • Park (non-road homologated - up to 30kph) fitted with 48V Lead Acid Battery - €18,000 / £15,655

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