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As a specialist in premium feeding technology, Trioliet has the most extensive range of mixer feeders, feeding robots, self-propelled mixer feeders and stationery mixers.  Wilsons of Rathkenny are a main dealer for Trioliet, and are pleased to offer a large selction of mixer feeders to the farming community. 


Trioliet are famous for their robust machines offering an extended service life - you are guaranteed a quality product when you choose Trioliet.  With more than 65 years’ experience Trioliet understand feeding, and can help you choose a feeding system that will enable you to prepare the best meal for your cows without any additional effort. 


An extensive range of products are available, all of which offer a variety of options. 


Solomix Mixer Feeders

Mixer feeders with 1,2 or 3 vertical augers

The Solomix series consists of more than 2,000 different types ; available in different sizes, with capacities varying fom 5 – 52m³.  Depending on the capacity, the mixer fedder will have 1,2 or 3 Twin Stream augers. 


Silage Cutter Feeders

Self-loading feeders

These silage extraction and discharge machines are compact, self-loading feeders that do not mix the feed.  Different types are available, ones with a U-shaped cutting frame, cutting board, crab board or loading platform.  All are versatile machines that help you to streamline the feeding process and transport the feed from the silage to the stable without spilling any of it. 


Self-Loading Mixer Feeders

Mixer feeders with a cutting-loading system

With a self-loader no additional loading device is needed for silage extraction and loading.  There are various types within this range.  Choose from a self-loading system with an active cutting or a fixed stationary knife, crab board or  loading platform.


Self-Propelled Mixer Feeders

Unique thanks to the cutting-loading system

These feeders are fitted with a cutting (or self -) loading system, so you don’t need a loading device or tractor for feeding.  The range consists of feeder between 12 – 24m³.  If you think that good feed structure and rapid operation are important, then  a Trioliet self-propelled mixer feeder is ideal for you.


Stationary Mixers for Silage

Stationary mixer feeders with a capacity of 7 – 52m³

A stationary mixer feeder is powered by electrcity, meaning you save on fuel costs.  Mixing at a fixed location on larger farms can prove to be advantageous.  It can also be a great solution on small farms, e.g. if you want to dispense feed using a conveyor belt system or if there is no room on the feeding alley for a mixer wagon.  Trioliet offer stationary mixer feeders with a capcity of 7 – 52m³.


Trioliet are a total supplier of premium feed technology.  They provide sustainable premium solutions around the world for the mechanised and automated feeding of cattle on professional farms.  Trioliet will have the right solution for you. 


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